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360° ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM TRIPLE-COLLAGEN COMPLEX 360° TWO EMPOWERED FORMULAS WORKING FROM THE INSIDE-OUT… Like two silky nectars, these complex serums are fortified with collagen to provide a cosmetic line-filling effect, infusing dry skin with resilience. They reduce the appearance of the signs of fatigue and stress, beautifying the entire complexion and helping the skin to look fresher.

THE TRIPLE-COLLAGEN COMPLEX This unique complex contains three different, yet synergistic factors, including native soluble collagen, boosting peptides and collagenase inhibitors. Together, they tone, nourish and protect against external aggressions and gives the impression of a lifting while addressing lines and wrinkles.

THE OCEAN-MATRIX COMPLEX A soothing marine complex decreases the signs of the stress caused by environmental dryness and rejuvenates the skin.

FACE SERUM APPLICATION Use every morning and/or evening over the face and neck. It should be followed with the application of a cream, and in the daytime always with that of an adapted SPF veil.

Both bottles have a window so you may ascertain the product level inside, and are further enhanced by  an automatic twist cap to eliminate the need to pump air into the product; simply close and open the cap, as there is no need to  press on the pump.

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