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Advanced Scar Control is a high-silicone scar gel that creates an occlusive barrier to help prevent new scar formation and improve the tone and texture of existing scars. 

Skin type:

Dry, normal, combination, oily, sensitive

  • Clinically proven to improve the appearance of new and recent scars
  • Ideal for supplementing scar treatment for procedures including Mohs surgery, full thickness excision and scar revision surgery
  • Clinically proven to improve the texture and fading of scars
  • Protects fragile skin
  • Alcohol-free, coloring-free and fragrance-free

Ideal for incisions associated with surgical procedures, as well as scars caused by injuries such as burns, scrapes and cuts, this revolutionary scar treatment contains 95% Silicones, 0.5% Allantoin, 2 % fatty acids and 1% ultralight silica to protect and soothe the skin after the procedure. With a sleek, invisible texture, this protective scar treatment creates an ideal environment that helps prevent the formation of new scars and improve the appearance of recent scars by up to 29%.

Résultats visibles

In a 12-week clinical study, subjects showed significant improvement in scar redness, discoloration, and raised texture.

Conseils d'utilisation

Prepare + Distribute
• Once daily, or as needed, apply a small amount evenly to the affected area. Do not apply to damaged skin.

Apply + Complete
• Supplement your regimen with SkinCeuticals sunscreen. When used in conjunction with SkinCeuticals' Advanced Scar Control, a broad-spectrum sunscreen helps protect skin from UV rays which can negatively impact scar healing by increasing discoloration and uneven texture.

Efficacité prouvée

Transepidermal water loss + scar formation

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is a natural process in which water is lost from the surface of the skin, accentuating visible signs of aging or scarring. To improve the tone and texture of scars, we must slow down the process of transepidermal water loss by creating an occlusive barrier that protects the skin.


• 95% Silicones
A go-to ingredient for protective scar treatment in the medical community, silicone gels offer greater application flexibility than traditional sheets because they can be used on the face and other irregular scar surfaces.

• 0.5% Allantoin
Therapeutic ingredient known for its emollient properties, Allantoin helps soothe and protect weakened skin.

• 2% Fatty Acids
Naturally found in a variety of animal and plant sources, including fish, seeds and nuts, fatty acids contribute to the structural integrity of the skin's lipids to optimize its overall lipid balance. SkinCeuticals only uses plant-based sources of fatty acids in its formulations.

• 0.5% Ferulic Acid
Ferulic acid is a powerful plant-derived antioxidant that helps neutralize environmental free radicals that can contribute to premature signs of aging. Ferulic acid also enhances the activity of other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, phloretin and silymarin.

SkinCeuticals | Advanced Scar Control 50ml

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