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Retinol 0.3 is a retinol night cream-serum that helps fight wrinkles and loss of firmness, reduce blemishes and age spots while boosting your skin's radiance. Formulated with pure encapsulated retinol, this night care is ideal for people looking for a more even and refined skin texture, and smoother, more luminous skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Skin type: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Mature
Need: Anti-aging care, Anti-wrinkle care, Anti-blemish care

With age and exposure to external factors (pollution, UV rays, tobacco, etc.), the skin quickly shows the signs of aging. It slackens, pigment spots and wrinkles appear and the complexion becomes dull. The skin texture is then irregular, the skin lacks homogeneity, firmness and radiance. To find a skin full of life, it is important to apply an anti-aging night care with high corrective power. Indeed, at night, the skin is more receptive to the care you give it.

For smoother, firmer and more luminous skin, bring the benefits of retinol to it in a high-performance night treatment.

Intended for skin marked by the signs of aging, regardless of skin type, Retinol 0.3 is a night cream-serum that smoothes and refines skin texture, reduces wrinkles, improves firmness and elasticity. of the skin, reduces blemishes and pigment spots and restores the radiance of the complexion.

Our Retinol 0.3 face cream-serum is formulated with 0.3% pure encapsulated retinol, which gradually releases retinol and improves its tolerance. Considered one of the best anti-aging active ingredients by dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, the retinol present in this anti-aging night care increases the number of fibroblasts and rebuilds collagen, for more firmness. It corrects wrinkles, reduces dark spots and age spots, reduces blemishes and boosts cell renewal by 6 times. To maximize its tolerance on all skin types, we have integrated boswellia serrata and bisabolol with anti-inflammatory properties.

Its non-greasy and non-sticky cream texture is easy to apply and instantly penetrates the skin. Night after night, the skin becomes smooth, firm and luminous again.

Retinol 0.3 must be applied in the evening on clean, dry skin, because retinol is a photosensitizing active ingredient. You can apply our Resveratrol B E antioxidant serum and an anti-aging cream like A.G.E. Interrupt. Don't forget to apply sunscreen in the morning.

Formulated without paraben, alcohol, dye, fragrance and gluten.
Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

In the evening, on clean skin, apply 2-3 doses of the pump bottle to the entire face, neckline and neckline, avoiding the eye area. Start with an application twice a week to gradually accustom the skin to retinol. Depending on your skin's tolerance, gradually increase the frequency to daily use in the evening.

Retinol being photo-sensitizing, systematically apply sunscreen the following morning.

Please note: if you have particularly sensitive or reactive skin, it is advisable to test the product on a small area of ​​skin before applying it to the entire face. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, it is recommended not to use retinol, at the risk of aggravating these symptoms. As a precaution, pregnant women are advised not to use retinol.

SkinCeuticals | Retinol 0.3 30ml - Helvetskin
SkinCeuticals | Retinol 0.3 30ml - Helvetskin

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