Nescens | Activator Serum, Stem Cells - Face 30ml

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Nescens stem cell activating serum potentiates the regenerative power of epidermal stem cells. Their targeted activation gives life to new cells, thus optimizing the regeneration of the epidermis and the expression of its youthful characteristics. Accelerated cell renewal, increased density of the dermis and epidermis. Obvious lifting effect, refined skin texture and more even complexion giving a radiant appearance.

Targeted issues
Overall skin aging, wrinkles, loss of tone and density, sagging skin.

Cosmeceutical benefits
Anti-aging performance, clinically tested:

Evaluation by biophysical measures*:

  • Accelerated cell renewal: +20% from the 1st month
  • Increased dermis + epidermis density: 82% of people from the 1st month
  • Depth of wrinkles reduced: 77% of people at 2 months
  • % of people tested in self-assessment*
  • Lifting effect: 82%
  • Improved skin elasticity: 77%
  • Regenerated and energized skin: 77%
  • Tightening effect: 77%
  • Firmer skin: 73%
  • Refined skin texture: 82%
  • Soft and smooth skin: 73%
  • More unified complexion: 77%
  • Radiant appearance: 73%

*22 women – 8 weeks

Nescens cosmeceutical device

The activating serum, stem cells is indicated for twice-daily use, prior to the application of Nescens corrective care, in order to reinforce the regenerative potential of epidermal cells.

using advice
After cleansing and drying the face and neck, apply 4 drops all over the face and neck by applying pressure then smoothing movements, avoiding the eye area.
Finish with light tapping to promote penetration.

Self-loading dropper 30ml

Nescens | Activator Serum, Stem Cells - Face 30ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Activator Serum, Stem Cells - Face 30ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Serum, Stem Cells - Face 30ml - Helvetskin

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