Nescens | Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day - Face 30ml

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The molecular regeneration emulsion is intended to neutralize the mechanisms of molecular deterioration linked to aging. Nescens anti-aging technology allows the skin to restore its main markers of youth: suppleness, density and firmness. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin relief appears smoothed.

Targeted issues
Lack of suppleness, density, firmness, tone, sagging skin, dryness, pigmentation.

Cosmeceutical benefits

  • Neutralizes glycation and oxidation processes to restore optimal cell function and prevent stiffening of collagen and elastin fibers
  • Reduces the activity of metalloproteases, enzymes involved in the breakdown and fragmentation of structural proteins, to prevent the formation of fractures in the supporting architecture of tissues, causing wrinkles
  • Increases the skin's resistance to ultraviolet radiation, limiting the phenomenon of photo-aging
  • Participates in the renewal of macromolecules of the extracellular matrix, guaranteeing the firmness and density of tissues
  • Helps limit tissue inflammation due to exogenous and endogenous aggressions
  • Guarantees intensive and lasting hydration, thanks to the inclusion of moisturizing agents with gradual effect
  • Nourishes the skin by providing bio-identical lipids (similar to the lipids naturally synthesized in the epidermis).

Nescens cosmeceutical device
Use the molecular regeneration emulsion in the morning as a daily application, after preparatory care and the appropriate Nescens serum.

This preparation develops its full potential when used in conjunction with the cell renewal emulsion, corrective night care.

using advice
Apply in the morning to the entire face and neck, with smoothing movements, taking care to avoid the eye area.
Finish with light tapping to promote penetration.
The feeling of benefit is immediate.

Flacon 30ml

Nescens | Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day - Face 30ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day - Face 30ml - Helvetskin

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