Nescens | Global Anti-Aging Care Hands 40ml

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The global anti-aging treatment offers a complete, powerful response, capable of preventing and correcting the alterations linked to the aging of the hands: dehydration, dryness, roughness, micro-wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of density.

Targeted issues
Dehydration, dryness, wrinkles, loss of density, pigmentation, overall skin aging.

Cosmeceutical benefits

  • Improves the barrier function, increasing the skin's resistance to thermal, physical and chemical attacks.
  • Activates the renewal of structural proteins, stimulates the natural growth factors of the skin, restoring firmness, tone and density of tissues.
  • Provides deep, long-lasting hydration.
  • Prevents skin dryness.
  • Corrects pigmentation defects characteristic of mature skin.
  • Provides effective protection against free radical attacks and ultraviolet radiation involved in chronological and photo-induced ageing.

Nescens cosmeceutical device
In the presence of pigmentary spots resulting from chronological or photo-induced ageing, first apply the Nescens pigmentary correcting serum, in a localized manner.

using advice
Apply the global anti-aging treatment – hands, morning and evening, to perfectly washed and dried hands, by smoothing the tissues, from the wrists to the fingertips.
Renew the application during the day, after washing your hands.
Finish with light tapping movements to promote the penetration of the cosmeceutical.

Flacon 40ml

Nescens | Global Anti-Aging Care Hands 40ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Global Anti-Aging Care Hands 40ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Global Anti-Aging Care Hands 40ml - Helvetskin

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