Nescens | Bio-identical Lipid-replenishing Cream - Face 50ml

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The exclusive formula of the Nescens bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream restores substance, volume and comfort to the driest skin. This extremely rich preparation perfectly penetrates the superficial layers of the epidermis, ensuring the persistence of its action. The epithelium is better protected, more resistant to external attacks. Intensely replenished, the skin regains the full, supple and plump appearance of younger skin.

Targeted issues
Dryness, skin sensitivity.

Cosmeceutical benefits
Resolutely innovative, this Nescens cosmeceutical formulation intervenes at two levels to:
1. compensate for the lipid deficits observed during aging by the exogenous supply of several classes of bio-identical lipids (similar to the lipids naturally synthesized in the epidermis);
2. Simultaneously reactivate the synthesis of physiological lipids affected by advancing age.

This innovative lipid reconstitution process induces:

  • Deep and long-lasting rehydration of the epidermis, from the first applications
  • An improvement in the mechanical properties of the skin: resistance, elasticity and firmness
  • A significant reduction in micro-folds and fine lines
  • A normalization of the excessive desquamation characteristic of dry skin
  • Erasure of surface roughness

Nescens cosmeceutical device
The bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream is recommended as a basic treatment for constitutional dry skin conditions, or as a cure (12 weeks), for occasional dry skin conditions.
As part of the Nescens cosmeceutical device, the bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream is applied twice daily, independently or in conjunction with other Nescens corrective care products.

using advice
Apply a small amount to the entire face and neck with smoothing movements.

50ml can

Nescens | Bio-identical Lipid-replenishing Cream - Face 50ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Bio-identical Lipid-replenishing Cream - Face 50ml - Helvetskin
Nescens | Bio-identical Lipid-replenishing Cream - Face 50ml - Helvetskin

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