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Caviarlieri, a Swiss caviar dietary supplement that encapsulates the powerful bioactive ingredients of caviar and fish peptides to deliver youthful vitality and timeless beauty.

What is Caviarlieri?
Caviarlieri is a powerful non-injectable Swiss caviar cell therapy treatment that stimulates our own natural healing powers to trigger cell repair and rejuvenation by delivering biologically active micronutrients and essential nutrition at the cellular level, stimulating protein synthesis by the production of proteins and enzymes. Caviarlieri fights aging by maintaining energy and vitality and delaying the onset of chronic degenerative diseases.

Why Caviarlieri?
Made in Switzerland using exclusive Swiss cold extraction technology, "Cellularix" Caviarlieri is a potent oral soft gel comprised of peptides with a superb delivery mechanism that ensures maximum absorption for anti-aging benefits and results. optimal ages.

Product Description
Caviarlieri is an original Swiss certified nutritional food supplement, researched, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Caviarlieri is sumptuously formulated with the exclusive Caviar DNA Cellular Complex, which contains sturgeon caviar extracts, marine fish proteins, which are known for their rejuvenating, revitalizing, energy-boosting, vitality and beauty.

Take 1 or 2 capsules a day, 20 minutes before breakfast.

400 mg Marine Collagen/Elastin, highly polymerized, 200 mg Marine Collagen/Elastin, highly polymerized, 30 mg Coenzyme Q 10, 12 mg Selenium, Per capsule.

Caviarlieri | Swiss Caviar Cellular Therapy - Helvetskin

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